Jumo: Boo, Meh, or WOW!?


Is Jumo just another cause-based social/community site (i.e. Idealist, Change.org, Ammado, Changents, Facebook’s Causes, to name just a few) or does it offer a unique, innovative value?

To give you an idea of how this question came up, the other day, two students came into my office at the Institute for Nonprofits to discuss an entrepreneurial business idea to benefit nonprofits. They wanted me to share my knowledge of the nonprofit world and offer feedback on whether or not I thought their idea would be sufficiently marketable to charitable organizations. As we were exploring their concept, the discussion eventually moved towards the issue of nonprofit interconnectivity and collaboration, and they asked what I thought about Jumo.

My first compulsive instinct was to give Jumo props. What’s not to like about any site that wants to do good? And furthering the cause of do-gooding is of course always to be lauded–But as the students stared at me awaiting my elaboration, I faltered. I really had to think about it. I wanted to be excited. I wanted to believe in it. But in the end, I had to admit I wasn’t really sure what the big deal about Jumo was.

I’d signed MEĀ³ up for Jumo the first day I’d heard Jumo existed, assuming it would be the next ‘big thing’ and that we’d want to get in on that as soon as possible. That’s what the news was telling us, anyway. But I admit, I’ve visited Jumo maybe twice since first signing up. I forgot I had an account there, to be honest.

As I finally told the two students, I am left “reserving my judgment.” I would say that fairly depicts my thoughts on Jumo right now. At this very moment, I’m not clear on how Jumo can really benefit our causes, but I’m not ready to give it a thumbs down (or up, or sideways) because I don’t have all the information. Without having dedicated a lot of time to exploring it yet, I am willing to admit I may be missing something.

So I’d like to hear from others: Is there some magical aspect of Jumo I have yet to discover that would unleash its secret-sauce powers and give our causes a significant boost? Have you used Jumo yet to promote your cause? What do you think? I know that there are some differences in focus for the many cause-related social sites out there, but in your opinion, how does it differ (in terms of potential impact, community building, and overall usefulness) from other cause/community sites like Idealist or Change.org?


  1. Nick DiCo

    I actually love the idea and promise of Jumo. Actually had an opinion piece in the Chronicle about it. However, I think its Beta launch really needs to end and it start putting some practical uses.

    It seriously needs to start integrating with Facebook more. If it does not, it will go the way it did for you Amber. By the way side.

    Great post!

  2. Amber (Post author)

    Oh yeahh, I remember seeing your post about it! I am trying to understand I guess the ways it could be different from some other websites though – How might it impact nonprofits differently than, say, Idealist.org or Change.org?


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