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  1. johnson h hoopscotch
    johnson h hoopscotch at |

    neither, you have to have awareness that you dont have an identity to have a crisis and you have to have an identity to have a clear vision of the future. raleigh is “that town where wachovia used to be”

  2. Keith Morris
    Keith Morris at |

    Raleigh, and generally the Triangle, seems to me to be the City of Refugees. So many people are moving here to take advantage of the low cost of living. The tech scene seems to be attracting folks too, with companies like Red Hat planting their flags firmly in Raleigh.

    It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation, though. The people who are here will determine its culture, but the culture it becomes known for will likely attract more of the same people as well.

  3. Leo
    Leo at |

    Great read. I could talk about this all day but in short, I think many years ago, people were throwing ideas around and talking about “Wouldn’t it be cool if….” Now, we’re starting to act on some of those things, at a very small scale however.

    I hope the momentum continues and as citizens continue to get involved with the political process, more and more people will band together behind larger causes and push the city in a direction that makes it’s identity.

    Park bonds typically get approved by citizens. Maybe we’ll be the city of parks and greenways.

    Or maybe we’ll push the arts further and further. First Friday can exist outside of downtown so why not make it city-wide. Will we be a city of arts?

    It’s a slow process I think cause it takes decades of doing those things to form that identity and build that reputation.

  4. Kareema Whitfield
    Kareema Whitfield at |

    Interesting read! I can go on my never ending saga about this topic, if given the opportunity, but to spare you all boredom, I will keep my response to a minimal. Since relocating to Raleigh in 2002, it did not take too long to realize that the city lacks an “identity”. However, with that being said, this is true for most “capital cities” in America with the exception of a few – Denver, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Boston, & Nashville.

    Don’t know whether anyone has ever given this comment considerable thought, but, most capital cities in America are not known for being the entertainment city for their state. Here’s a perfect example. Think about New York (NY) state; the capital of NY is Albany; however, is Albany the first city that comes to mind when most people think of NY?…no, BUT Manhattan is the city that comes to mind; the same holds true for most other states, with exception of the ones listed previously.

    To this avail, I think Raleigh, will continue to lack an identity as do most capital cities in America. On that note, I’ll pose the question…why is it that most capital cities lack an identity. One of my immediate answers that come to mind – is that most capital cities of America lack “multiple professional sport teams”…just a thought.

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