Raleigh Wish List: What’s on yours? Weigh in!

Raleigh Wish List

In one of my recent posts I talked about Raleigh’s (lack of?) identity as a city, and how individual citizens should think about what they’d like to see, smell, hear, feel in and around Raleigh to make it their own and shape its brand and culture.

Shortly thereafter a friend asked me what I wanted to see Raleigh become, what I’d like to see in Raleigh. Rightly so. I’m a citizen and should weigh in, too.

So, I’m going to start my own “Raleigh Wish List” and I hope others will contribute their ‘wishes’ too. I’ll start off brainstorming a few things I wish for Raleigh and posting them on Twitter. If you’re not the Tweeting-type, feel free to post your ideas in the comments on this blog post, too. I can share them with the Twitter-verse as we go.

I’ve registered a hashtag just for the occasion: #RaleighWishList.

I hope you’ll jump in:

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