I’m Back to Writing. Hopefully.


Wow, I have a technology curse. This curse causes computers and laptops to die painful deaths around me. Also, for my blog to randomly collapse and become unreadable. Then I get busy for awhile with Activate Good stuff and I forget that I have a blog so don’t go through the trouble of fixing it right away. The result: Months of no posts. As you can see, this is my first since the summer.

writing amber smith nonprofit

I do enjoy writing, though, when things slow down just a little and I have time to think and reflect. And it is difficult when I’m so busy and things move so fast that there’s little time left over to really ponder what or how I’m doing. I believe reflection is a critical part of the work I engage in. My cause is helping others help other causes (say that three times fast). I don’t always get to see the direct impact of what we do, so ensuring I take time to internalize it myself can be important to keep up my energy (though when I can┬ásee it, it’s the most rewarding thing I can experience).

Anyway, I’m back. Hopefully. I have a lot of thinking and expressing to catch up on.

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