About Me

My name is Amber Melanie Smith, and I say without any embarrassment that I grew up believing in superheroes and saving the world. As I grew, my energy and enthusiasm surrounding these beliefs didn’t fade. Rather, it was channeled into volunteerism, philanthropy and what I came to know as the nonprofit sector once I discovered a community of do-gooders around me. In discovering this community at work around me, the belief that one person could make a difference became more than just a belief. It became a fact. My faith in it wasn’t blind, because I saw it with my own two eyes every day.

Today, I am a student, a young nonprofit professional, a developing leader, a volunteer, and a member of this brilliant community. As an individual, my interests are wide and varied, including art and painting, music and singing, writing, languages, history, and more. But applying who I am as a person to contributing to this community I’ve been blessed to discover is my raison d’ĂȘtre. I think we all want to know our lives meant something in the end, and to connect to others with feelings of purpose. I believe being a part of causes and efforts bigger than yourself is one way to ensure you’ll fulfill that need. Volunteering isn’t just giving a few hours a week to a nonprofit. Philanthropy is more than just giving your time or money to a cause. Under the surface, these acts are an expression of our very human need to connect, be heroic in our own ways, and do our part to save the world.

Oh, I’m also known for being a little on the melodramatic side. :)
I’ve come to accept this, though.

I mean every word of it.

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