With over a decade of experience speaking, Amber has inspired audiences of all ages, from teenagers to corporate CEOs. Want to get your audience inspired to lead, improve their lives by helping others, and make an impact? Book Amber to speak at your next event today!

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Amber’s speaking topics include:

Want to change your life? Start by changing the world!: It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your background is, or how much money you’ve got, you can start changing the world today — and change your own life in the process. Through moving personal stories alongside motivational and practical steps, Amber helps audience members determine how to start where they are, using whatever they’ve got, to make a difference while improving their personal lives, relationships, and careers along the way.

FOR FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS: (Nearly) Broke and Trying to Save the World: Working with Millennials in Public Service: Amber got a wake up call one day when she realized the student loan debt she thought she’d been whittling away at over the past decade had not shrunk, but grown. Spurred on by fears that she and her peers could no longer trust financial institutions and programs such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness meant to help her generation eventually rise above debt and earn financial security, she wanted to take action. But who could she call? Financial planners were for rich people with money to throw around, weren’t they?

What the world needs now: How companies rally employees to make an impact and transform their results: Through her nonprofit work, Amber has helped over 100 companies – from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies – get their employees involved in impactful projects to benefit their community. In this informative and motivational talk, Amber shares the top traits of companies who successfully engage their employees in service and philanthropy, how engagement affects business success, and why corporate social responsibility is a “must have” in a rapidly evolving world.

Defy Expectations: Becoming the Leader your community needs: When Amber was 16 years old, she was told she could never be a leader. Shy and awkward through her school years, Amber was inclined to believe it for a long time. But by adopting a mission to make an impact, listening to amazing mentors, and learning to have faith in herself, Amber overcame the notion that you have to be born a leader and grew her cause from nothing in order to help hundreds of causes in her community. In this talk, Amber discusses insights about what she’s learned leadership really looks like behind our cinematic view of leadership, shares stories of ‘underdogs’ who overcame doubt to lead others, and offers steps anybody can use to transform themselves into the leaders they need to be.

Use your youth: Lessons learned from starting a Nonprofit in your Twenties: How do you launch and grow a tiny start-up organization with very little business, marketing, or fundraising experience? Amber shares lessons learned from launching a nonprofit at age 21 before finishing college, discusses how to turn failures and setbacks into opportunities, and provides practical, ready-to-implement take-aways for audiences of all ages who want to grow their social impact organization or business from the ground up.


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