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Speaking for audiences of financial management and planning professionals

(Nearly) Broke and Trying to Save the World: Working with Millennials in Public Service

Amber got a wake up call one day when she realized the student loan debt she thought she’d been whittling away at over the past decade had not shrunk, but grown. Spurred on by fears that she and her peers could no longer trust financial institutions and programs such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness meant to help her generation eventually rise above debt and earn financial security, she wanted to take action. But who could she call? Financial planners were for rich people with money to throw around, weren’t they?

Amber Melanie Smith is an award-winning nonprofit founder, Executive Director, and speaker. Amber is passionate about rallying support for changemakers in all areas of their careers and lives and has developed a broad network of nonprofit professional connections throughout 15 years in the sector. Now she’s on a mission to encourage financial professionals to bring more nonprofit and public service workers to the table to secure their financial futures so they can have some peace of mind while they improve the world around them.

Combining personal stories with practical steps, Amber helps Financial Planning professionals…

  • Understand the mindset, financial challenges, and financial planning needs of millennials working in the public service sector
  • Learn where to find clients in this niche demographic and how to effectively engage them
  • Consider new and unconventional strategies for attracting millennials in public service as clients
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