As a little girl, Amber wanted to change the world. There were just a few problems: She had no superpowers to speak of, no money, and no leadership skills or business know-how. So Amber took off on a two and half month cross-country road trip with her best friend, volunteering and conducting acts of kindness in over 20 states, during which she discovered her power to make an impact. When she returned to her hometown in Raleigh, NC, she launched a nonprofit organization from nothing that now mobilizes thousands of volunteers and helps hundreds of causes.

Above all, Amber believes in every person’s ability to meet their potential and change the world. Today, she speaks to audiences of all ages and sizes about her journey to become a leader, how to start making a difference from nothing, and lessons learned along the way.

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More about Amber

Beyond public speaking and running Activate Good, the nonprofit she started in 2005, Amber loves:

  • Singing broadway and holiday tunes at senior centers with her mom
  • Writing about social change, leadership, nonprofits, and giving back
  • Delicious, decadent latte flavors
  • Painting colorful, abstract art
  • Brainstorming on giant whiteboards
  • Playing with her puppy, Kira

Headshots and Photos

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