With over a decade of experience as a speaker and nonprofit founder and director, Amber has inspired audiences of all ages, from teenagers to corporate CEOs. Want support launching a nonprofit startup, inspiring corporate volunteering, getting students out making an impact in their communities, and helping people of all ages improve their lives by helping others? Book Amber for a Consulting Session, Workshop, or Talk!

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Nonprofit Startup Consulting

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Interactive Workshops

Change the World or Bust! Discover how to make an impact through lifestyle and career

The world is changing, and now more than ever, it needs people who will step up and make a positive impact in their communities. But is there a way to know which changemaking path is right for you? Can your unique talents or interests help you move the needle for a cause you care about? Can you have a career that makes an impact and makes a living? Yes, yes, and yes! Change the World or Bust! is an engaging, interactive workshop that helps audience members discover their lifetime path to making an impact. We’ll cover how to identify a cause to champion, how to be an effective philanthropist or volunteer, and how to pave the way for a changemaking career in nonprofits, social enterprise, or business.

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Other Speaking Topics

Want to change your life? Start by changing the world!: It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your background is, or how much money you’ve got, you can start changing the world today — and change your own life in the process. Through moving personal stories alongside motivational and practical steps, Amber helps audience members determine how to start where they are, using whatever they’ve got, to make a difference while improving their personal lives, relationships, and careers along the way.

What the world needs now: How companies rally employees to make an impact and transform their results: Through her nonprofit work, Amber has helped over 100 companies – from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies – get their employees involved in impactful corporate volunteering projects to benefit their community. In this informative and motivational talk, Amber shares the top traits of companies who successfully engage their employees in service and philanthropy, how engagement affects business success, and why corporate social responsibility is a “must have” in a rapidly evolving world.

Use your youth: Lessons learned from starting a Nonprofit in your Twenties: How do you launch and grow a tiny start-up organization with very little business, marketing, or fundraising experience? Amber shares lessons learned from launching a nonprofit at age 21 before finishing college, discusses how to turn failures and setbacks into opportunities, and provides practical, ready-to-implement take-aways for audiences of all ages who want to grow their social impact organization or business from the ground up.

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